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About us

TVTO is the most pervasive skill training body in Iran, which attempts to meet skill needs of the labor market and also updates the skills of employees with the latest technologies.
It functions as the provider and executor of informal technical and vocational trainings in agriculture, industry, services, culture and art.

TVTO has headquarters in capital city of Tehran, an instructor training center(ITC) in karaj city, 31 provincial head offices, 641 public training centers, 4710 public workshops, over 12000 private institutions across the country.

To achieve the goals, TVTO holds 3-18-month training courses for job seekers and employees in different sectors. Along with training programs, there are activities of research, construction, equipment and development of human resources, most importantly including: codifying training standards based on international codes, research, updating training standards, research in training programs, training aids, audiovisuals, setting up and equipping workshops of training centers, setting up new workshops, guilds’ skill testing ,determining the technical competence of applicants of private institutions, holding specialized conferences, issuing skill certificates for construction workers.


  • Constant improvement of prominent place of skill training in the Region
  • To develop and upgrade professional competences of the labor
  • To qualify the Human Resources in national economy with highlighting the use of modern IT technologies and delivering advanced trainings


  • Curriculum development
  • Development of skill trainings
  • Research in the realm of technical and vocational trainings
  • Skill assessment and measuring professional competence of the labor
  • Instructor training


Target Groups

  • Applicants of skill trainings
  • Employees of enterprises
  • Job seekers
  • Trainees in the real workplace
  • Soldiers of military service
  • University students
  • University graduates
  • Prisoners
  • Vulnerable groups and the socially injured
  • Recovered addicts
  • The disabled
  • Villagers
  • Nomads
  • Residents of recovering regions of cities
  • Female – headed households
  • Students
  • Refugees
  • unemployment insurance applicants
  • Trainees of virtual trainings
  • Residents of deprived and border areas
  • Dwellers of non-residential areas


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