Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization


 Instructor Training Center
  Established in 1974, with the cooperation of International Labor Organization (ILO) and United Nation Development Plan (UNDP).
  Fully equipped and exploited after the victory of Islamic Republic of Iran and by all-efforts of Iranian specialists
  Directed under the supervision of TVTOs president and has a significant role in enhancing and developing human resources.
  Enjoying the specialist human resources and having vast software and hardware facilities , ITC is now the biggest and unique center in the fields of expertise training in the country and in the Middle East region.
  The largest and most important professional and skill training center nationwide and at the regional level
  Broad and advanced hardware and software facilities of skilled human forces with 17 specialized departments

ITC meets the need of industries and training centers for instructors by 17 specialized training departments

       Automobile Technology
       Machine Tools
       CNC Milling/ Turning
       Wood Industry
       Electronics and pneumatic Hydraulics
     Designing and sewing technology
      Educational Technology (Audio - Visual)
       Drawing and Graphics
       Basic Skills and Supervising Sciences
       Foreign Languages
      Industrial Automation
     Modern Skills
      Agriculture, Food Industry and Rural Skills

Contact ITC

ITC Boulevard, Emam Reza Boulevard, Azadegan SQ, Taleghani intersection, Karaj

Postal Code: 3158   

Mail Address: Karaj, Taleghani intersection, P.O Box 951

Central Phone exchanges: +98 263 2511922, 2511923

Public Relations: +98 263 2511921




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