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Instructor Training Center (ITC)

ITC has 17 specialized departments including electricity, electronics, auto-mechanics, welding, CNC, wood

industry, construction industry, fashion design technology, Machin tools, installations (refrigeration &heating),

agriculture, IT, training technology and pedagogy, entrepreneurship, educational sciences, foreign languages.

The center cooperates with different local and international organizations. ITC accommodates around the clock

reception, housing facilities, sports and library on the international scale.

ITC is a member of networks like UNEVOC and Virtual universities of the Islamic world.

The center also has had research and training cooperation with international training institutes and agencies

such as KOICA (south Korea), JICA(Japan), SEQUA(Germany), EDI(India) and countries like Germany, Russia,

Spain, etc.

Moreover, the center cooperates with international companies like Beckhoff, IKKE and Siemens.


international activities of ITC are as follows:

  • Training instructors during short/ long term courses
  • Exchanging TVET experiences in the format of mutual projects
  • Holding training camps for selected competitors of world skills competitions
  • Training entrepreneurship trainers 
  • Cooperation with international institutes in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Training foreign nationals (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) and overseas trainers
  • Holding friendly Skill competition




  • Mail: ITC Blvd, Emam Reza Blvd, Azadegan Sq, Taleghani intersection, Karaj, Iran.
  • P.O Box: 951
  • Postal Code: 3149974115
  • Tel: +98 2632511922
  • +98 2632511923
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