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The secretary general of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture(ICCIMA)  and the head of the Technical and Vocational Training Organization(TVTO) signed a memorandum of understanding  with the aim of conducting skills training programs in all provinces of the country, in cooperation with the provincial chambers.

Prior to signing this MoU, Alireza Ashraf, Secretary General of ICCIMA, while emphasizing the importance of upskilling the workforces in the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the country, highlighted that, unfortunately, neglecting the required skills training in the industrial sector has become one of the serious problems of the country. The private sector is well aware of the importance and necessity of training in increasing the quality and quantity of production.


He continued: Due to the important role of the education in the development of the country, the Iranian Chamber decided to cooperate with TVTO to do more practical training programs than the theories, as the industries and enterprises need more than everything to employ skilled workers.


According to Ashraf, Secretary General of ICCIMA , the training department of ICCIMA has high educational capacity that can be used jointly with the experience of TVTO to make very good training programs.

The secretary-general of ICCIMA also said that raising the level of interaction and dialogue between the various educational and production stakeholders is the key for the development, and stated: Iran's Chamber, with the help of this memorandum, wants to use the facilities of the TVTO to concentrate on and facilitate the training demands of its stakeholders. However, to reach our goals, it requires years of cooperation.


He also informed about the importance of cooperation of provincial chambers in the framework of this MoU with provincial TVTO centers. He said that currently some provinces have weaker relations with the TVTO, which needs to be strengthened. Because the training has a significant impact on the price and even the production rate of the companies.


Relations between the stakeholders is very important

Soleiman Paksrarsht, the head of TVTO, agreed with the statements of Mr. Ashraf about the importance and impact of the trained personnel on the country's production and industry, and called the Iranian Chamber, ICIMMA, as the main reference to provide a precise and accurate definition of the importance of education. He added that in a near future, the reputation of different brands and products will rely on the amount of the training that has been spent on the production of those products.


He emphasized: according to experiences, the existence of a well-defined system of relations among the stakeholders involved in the education of the country is even more important than the educational equipment, educational resources, content and empowered trainers. The lack of interaction between these stakeholders and sectors has made some manufacturing companies indifferent to the subject of education, resulting in less efficiency and productivity.

The head of TVTO also informed the meeting the recent updates on implementation of Iran’s new TVET law, and said: "the private sector and the capacities of the chambers have not been considered sufficiently in this new law, which seems to be a major disadvantage of the new law. So I have suggested that the necessary amendments to be considered in the law.


According to him, Iran's chambers can even enter the skills assessment and examination field like other chambers of commerce around the world. In many of these countries, chambersd are the main role players in vocational education systems. The TVTO has also been convinced that the private sector is more capable than the government in providing educational services, therefore the government has to deliver this task to the private sector.


Skills training should replace theoretical trainig


Seyyed Jawad Zamani, provinces deputy of ICCIMA, said the main problem in the country's vocational educational system is to have more theoretical training programs, and emphasized that this MoU aims to replace theoretical trainings with the practical programs to increase the skills and abilities of the workforces. Success in this program will be considered as a great revolution.

Last year, a memorandum of understanding for a three-year partnership between the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the SBH Institute of Germany was signed. The purpose of that MoU was to provide dual vocational education (training of skilled workers during working). Based on the needs assessment, this institution will hold training courses for the Iranian Chamber of Commerce members.


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Initial Agreement on the Cooperation between Iran TVTO and German FHM

Part of German Workforce to be Trained in Iran

Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization (Iran TVTO) and German University of Applied Sciences of SMEs (FHM) will sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at empowering and supplying part of the workforce needed by Germany.

According to Iran TVTO’s Public Relations, an initial agreement on training of Germany’s needed workforce from Iran was reached during the meeting held between Soleiman Pakseresht, President of Iran TVTO and Doust Mohammadian,Director for International Management, Iran Representative and consultant of CEO.

Based on this report, it is stipulated that Iran TVTO will provide arrangements for skill training, skill certificate accreditation and German language education for Iranian job applicants in Germany. Then the applicants will be introduced to FHM for final training course and absorbing in German labor market after passing the language test held by Iran National Organization of Educational Testing (NOET).

Referring to the draft of MOU, Iran TVTO will be the main partner and counterpart of FHM in the fields of technical, vocational education and training (TVET).

In the meeting, Pakseresht indicated that Iran TVTO’s Instructor Training Center & Technical and Vocational Researches (ITC) will be ready to provide training skill facilities and space as well as holding German language courses with focus on TVET in accordance with TELC standards and introduce applicants to NOET.

Based on discussions, it is worth mentioning that both parties agreed on exchange of TVET trainers and trainees, skill training curriculum development as well as holding joint international events. After finalizing, the MOU will be published in upcoming days.

Previously signing a MOU with Sharif University of Technology on holding joint civil engineering courses, taking German and English languages test and establishing joint research center of environment and energy studies, FHM is a German well- known university in the field of supplying the skilled and expertise work force for small and medium sized enterprises and has a close relations with German industries and communities.


Iran National Skills team welcomed at home

Iran National Skills team welcomed by officials and skill fans at Imam Khomeini International Airport. At the 44th edition of the world skills competition held in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 15 – 18 October 2017, competitors from Iran won 1 Gold in Aquatronics, 1 bronze in Plumbing and heating and 5 Medallion for Excellence.

Iran is preparing for next National skills competition in coming months. 


The world’s best skills competitors have been honored with medals at the Closing Ceremony of WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017. They travelled from across the world to compete at the 44th edition of the world championship of vocational skills.

China led the medal table with 15 gold medals, 7 silvers and 8 bronzes. Korea came second on medal points with 8 golds, 8 silvers, and 8 bronzes. Switzerland was third on points, winning 11 golds, 6 silver, and 3 bronze. The hosts, the United Arab Emirates, won three Medallions for Excellence.

1,300 young people from 59 WorldSkills Member countries and regions showcased their talent across 51 skills competitions, between 15-18 October. This was the first time that the WorldSkills Competition has been held in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Over the past week the WorldSkills Conference 2017, and the first International TVET Youth Forum, were held. These provided a unique opportunity for young professionals, Ministers, and other global policymakers to debate the major issues that the vocational education sector faces.

The 45th WorldSkills Competition will held in Russia from 29 August – 3 September 2019 in Kazan, Russia.


Minister of Labor and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia visited ITC

Excellency Marko Pavic, Minister of Labor and Pension System and Excellency Stribor Kikerec, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia visited ITC on Saturday August 5, 2017 and welcomed by Mohammad Amin Sazegarnejd, president of TVTO. The parties expressed their interest in signing MoU for cooperation in exchanging experiences in skill training. in this visit, Mr. Sazegarnejad introduced TVTO and its capacities in skill training. 

Minister of Labor and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia said:” We have decided to establish several skill training centers in Croatia with the help of EU”. "We have many young jobseekers and we are interested in cooperation in skill trainings, including tourism and construction", He added. 

To develop international cooperation: MoU signed to update ITC

KOICA and TVTO signed MoU for a four- year joint project to update Instructor Training Center. Deputy of Research, Planning and Skill Evaluation of TVTO said today developing competencies and skills of the people regardless of their origin have an effect on the world so we need to have a global thinking.

In this project workshops including heavy vehicles, Industrial sewing, and Refrigeration and air conditioning installations will be updated. 

TVTO, ITCILO signed MoU on the sidelines of the International Labor Conference, 2017

106th Session of the International Labor Conference held in Geneva on 5 –16 June 2017. TVTO and ITCILO signed MoU for training cooperation on the sidelines of the Conference. “The main problem countries face today is inconsistency between labor market and existing skills and today there is a good opportunity for the parties to develop international cooperation in skill training ” said Mr. Hefdahtani, General Director of International Affairs in Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare. 

International Skills Competition in China: Iran wins Silver medal in Welding

According to the report, Alireza Badri, Iranian competitor won silver in the skill competition. The competition was hosted by China for four days in Shanghai and Soshu on 7-8 June, 2017. The event which is specially well-known for exchanging the latest technology in welding industries was participate by 35 countries in 21 skills.

TVTO participates in AMB exhibition

The second international and specialized exhibition for machine manufacturing, machine tools and metalworking will be held with the participation of the Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran.

The exhibition will be held by German Union of machine tools and metalworking machines, between 23-26 May, 2017 in International exhibitions complex of Shahr-e- Aftab in Tehran.

According to Dr. Taherpour, General Director of Training Improvement and career Guide in TVTO, the products to be exhibited include machine tools, tools for shaping metals, precision instruments, processing tools, parts, components and accessories of machine tools, measurement systems and quality control, automation components and motion control systems, laser and software technologies, computer systems and peripheral devices. 

MoU signed by FESTO Pneumatics and TVTO East Azerbaijan

FESTO Pneumatics Iran office and TVTO East Azerbaijan signed an MoU to cooperate in training new technologies in electronic industries, mechatronics and Aquatronic. The public relations office reports that short-term and long-term trainings will be prepared to improve technical and vocational skills of the technical workers, university students and engineers. According to Yaaghoub Nemayandeh, General Director of TVTO East Azerbaijan, setting up FESTO Academy in this province and later in Instructor Training Center was considered in the MoU.

TVTO president meets German delegates

TVTO president, Dr. Sazgarnejad met German delegates, Jurgen Klingbeil of SBH International, Wolfgang Durig of RWI and Bettina Muller of Sequa on April 16th, 2017. The parties expressed their interest in developing Iran-German cooperation in skill training.

German delegates visited a number of Isfahan training centers and Chamber of Commerce and discussed the solutions to attract industries support for skill training programs. The delegates also paid a visit to Instructor Training Center in Alborz Province which is a symbol of long history of cooperation between the two countries.


Tripartite agreement was signed in FESTO headquarter in Germany by Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran (TVTO), FESTO and the company's Regional Director 

Visiting FESTO Germany, Hamid Reza Sabetnejad, Deputy of Research, Planning and Skill Evaluation met FESTO Didactic CEO, FESTO Iran and Middle East Directors and presented Iranian skill training system.

In a seminar prepared by i-move Germany to introduce Iranian skill training system, Sabetnejad explained the Iranian education and skill training system. Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research along with 26 institutions and companies and more than 50 education scholars took part in the seminar. On the sidelines of the seminar, TVTO delegates paid a visit to different sections of FESTO training industries.

Sabetnejad also visited Didacta exhibition in Stuttgart Germany. Several German public organizations including BIBB, CBP, GBB and i-move attended the event which was named as “the Day of Iran”.

In this visit, an agreement signed by TVTO and FESTO for setting up FESTO Academy in Instructor Training Center( ITC) in Iran.


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